BFI Services

Have you ever had an employee get hurt on the job and had some doubts about it? Have you pondered if this claim is truthful or if it is a scam? A trained private investigator can offer several services that will assist you in finding the answers to those nagging questions. Some of these services include:

Video documentation provides the best evidence available to identify fabricated or exaggerated claims, malingering claimants or fraudulent activity. Our investigators are skilled experts able to defeat the vigilance of the most educated claimants. Using the latest technology, we can gather video evidence from a distance of over one mile or as close as three feet, in any terrain and light condition. You are assured that surveillance will never violate an individual's "reasonable expectation of privacy." Prior to initiating surveillance, a thorough Background Activities Investigation is recommended.

Activity Check
Investigate and report on the activities of the parties involved.

Dependency Check
A thorough check to investigate the dependents or children of the people involved in the matter.

Disability Check
A check can be conducted to find out the status of the claimant's employment or source of income. Such an investigation will uncover the level of disability of the claimant and whether or not there are unusual activities being performed by the person.

Widow/Widower Check
A check to see if the parties involved remarry or remain widows and widowers.

Alive and Well Check
The investigation involves an in-person interview to determine a claimant's general health, current medical treatment and medications, next scheduled doctor's appointment, verification of employment and/or disability status, home environment, physical restrictions, hobbies and activities, description of a "day in the life", social security number and date of birth verification, telephone number, spouse and children information, and photographs of the claimant and their residence. An Alive and Well Check can be pre-scheduled or unannounced per your instructions.

Statements - Written or Recorded
Proof of interviews (written or recorded) can be created to provide evidence for your case.

Personal Contact or Disability Interview
An in-person interview with the claimant to gather additional information may be performed to answer any lingering questions or doubts.

Accident Investigation
A trained private investigator physically goes to the scene of the crime and provides photos and a scale diagram.

Witness Canvass
A canvas of certain areas to find witnesses and gather other important information, which is then interpreted by the private investigator and combined with any additional relevant information to present the most accurate eyewitness account or testimony.

Locating Witness/Claimant
Using a wide array of nationwide database searches along with possible in-person courthouse searches and interviewing of previous neighbors, relatives, or acquaintances, we will assist you in locating hard-to-find claimants or witnesses.

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